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How to convince patients for dental procedures

Oct 27, 2015 9:13:26 AM / by Innocent Okeke

The work of a private dentist is a mixture of operative tasks and communication with patients and the dental team. Often the challenge is, how to commit the patient smoothly into the needed treatment and other procedures. There may be resistance simply because the patient lacks concrete information.

Dr. Wayne Hollar has a long experience on utilizing live video and pictures to show and convince his patients to understand what he finds out during a dental hygiene check. Discussion about the problem and how it should be fixed becomes easier when the patient himself can see what the discussion is about.



Happy dental patient is not a dream at all

The old truth is that a picture tells more than thousand words. One could add that a video film rises the level of understanding on much higher level, and a live video about your own mouth surely reaches the interest level of everybody.

Concretely showing the importance of a procedure to a patient works with children and adults alike. Individual attention and mutual understanding also increses the patient's commitment for the upcoming treatment as well as the overall customer satisfaction.

Check here, what Dr. Hollar says about the benefits of communicating daily with the help of dental videos.

Try it yourself, it is easy with Futudent loupe-mounted camera which saves the videos and images in a highly secure cloud service.

Innocent Okeke

Written by Innocent Okeke

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