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Futudent set-up tutorials - Part 3: Calibrating the camera

Apr 20, 2016 2:15:03 PM / by Innocent Okeke




We’ve now reached the third part of our tutorial series, where we’re looking at how to calibrate your new Futudent camera to record the highest image quality possible. At this stage your camera cables should be set up and the Futudent software installed – to recap, please visit our online library for the two previous parts in the series.

Step 1: Open the Futudent software.

Once you’ve turned on your camera, click on the Futudent software icon on your desktop. When the software opens, you will see a live image at the center of your screen.

Step 2. Use the focus card to calibrate your camera.

You can find a focus card inside your Futudent camera box. Hold the card at a comfortable working distance, and center the target so that it is in the middle of both your loupes’ field of view and your headlight’s radius. Also make sure that the target is aligned at the center of the screen. Focus the camera by twisting the lens until the image is sharp.

Now you’re ready to record your first Futudent video!


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We hope you find our tutorials useful!

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Innocent Okeke

Written by Innocent Okeke

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