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Futudent set-up tutorials - Part 2: Attaching the camera

Apr 11, 2016 10:47:47 AM / by Innocent Okeke


In the second part of our tutorial series, we’re looking at how to attach the Futudent camera. When placing your Futudent order, we ask for the brand of loupes and light you are using in order to send you a compatible mounting attachment. Our camera package also contains a universal mounting clip that fits on most frame models. If you’re using a customized frame or are unsure of the compatibility, our customer service is happy to help you.

Step 1: Attach the camera to your loupes.

Use the mounting adapter to attach the camera. If you’re using a light, attach it by sliding it on to the light mount located on the top of the camera. If you don’t work with a loupe, you can attach the camera to the Futudent headband or goose neck.

Step 2: Attach the USB.

Once the camera is attached, thread the USB cable along the side of your glasses using the cable ties. Make sure the USB cable doesn’t get in the way during treatment by attaching it to your pocket or the edge of your sleeve using the small clip that comes with the package.

Step 3: Complete the connection.

Sitting down on your chair, complete the connection by joining the USB with the extension – you can now turn your camera on. Easy!


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We hope you find our tutorials useful!

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Innocent Okeke

Written by Innocent Okeke

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