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Futudent set-up tutorials - Part 1: Installing your software and cables

Apr 4, 2016 1:51:57 PM / by Innocent Okeke

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Having received requests from our community for putting together a set of video tutorials, our set-up series is finally live and free to watch in our online library. In the first part of the series we look at how to install your new Futudent software and cables.


Step 1: Create a Futudent account.

Visit Futudent.com and create an account by following the prompts. If you already have an account, sign in.

Step 2: Download and install our software.

Click on the Download software -link at the top right-hand corner on your dashboard. Follow the instructions to complete installation. Our product is currently supported by the majority of Windows versions.

Step 3: Set up our hardware.

Connect the camera to your computer through the USB connection cable. Setting up the Futudent camera depends on how your office is laid out - make sure your computer is close enough to your chair or use the extension cable. Place the USB control pedal under your chair – play around with the pedal a bit to find out which set-up works the best for you.


Next up in Futudent set-up tutorials:

Part 2: Attaching the camera    
Part 3: Calibrating the camera 
Part 4: Making a video  
Part 5: Your cloud account: sharing and storing online 
Part 6: Creating a case


We hope you find our tutorials useful!

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Innocent Okeke

Written by Innocent Okeke

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