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Futudent modernizes the dental business and education practices

Sep 3, 2015 2:06:04 PM / by Innocent Okeke

Press release 27th of August 2015 –

Next-generation tools simplify communication in dentistry and bring dental service to new levels. Futudent leads the transformation process with its safe and easy-to-use dental image and video sharing technology.



Futudent’s solution offers a wide range of meaningful applications from dental education to private practice. It is an integrated package of software and hardware, enabling digital documentation of high quality video, storing, live previewing and sharing of real dental images, videos and text.

Futudent was designed to make video practical for daily use with every patient. The Futudent camera and cloud service enhance communication between dentists, patients and treatment teams as well as between dental tutors, students and other colleagues.


Using real-time video in the dialogue with dental customers


“Modern customer service will elevate a private dentist’s business”, believes Lars Kåhre, one of the founders and CEO of Futudent. “Our ambition is based on thorough understanding of a dentist’s work. We care about raising the level of the dental service and focusing on modernizing daily dental communication worldwide.”

With a lightweight Futudent camera mounted on the loupes, the dentist can film and explain while working with no interruption and no special skills. The patient and hygienist can see from a screen exactly what the doctor is seeing. The films and still pictures are easy to edit later on and they can be safely shared with comments or guidance for the dental team and/or the customer, who are allowed access to the data folder.

“I use the camera routinely every day with every patient. The communication is just unbelievably improved because there is no question of what I see. The patient sees exactly the same from TV as my loupe-mounted camera is on, and that opens the dialogue”, says Dr. Wayne Hollar who is one of the pioneering dentists utilizing the Futudent system.


Press materials (press release, logo, infographic):

For more information, contact:
Lars Kåhre
, founder and CEO, +358 400 702 088, lars@futudent.com
Brian Forth, Director, US operations, +1 646 379 9368, brian.forth@futudent.com

Futudent is a system developed and owned by Novocam Medical Innovations Oy (Ltd). The Futudent dental video solution consists of a head-mounted camera, integrated software and an associated sharing service. Using Futudent, dentists, teachers and students can document and share their own point of view through recordings and live presentations that include video, still pictures, voice and text. Futudent is in use with many leading universities globally, providing innovative teaching and research solutions.

More information at futudent.com

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Innocent Okeke

Written by Innocent Okeke

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