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Enhance dental lectures with real videos

Nov 10, 2015 8:51:01 AM / by Peter Rusanen


It's a fact that the longer a dentist or a student processes a certain subject, the better they learn it. Usually the problem that I've confronted in a lecture is the amount of information. It is just too much to be remembered after such a short moment.

I've been lecturing for an implant company and in the University of Helsinki for several years. My solution for managing this problem is the use of videos:

  1. I share the videos to be included in my lecture to the participants one week beforehand by using Futudent cloud server
  2. The participants have the possibility to view these videos in advance, so the learning starts already before the lecture.
  3. It's nice to start the lecture by talking about the procedures (videos) that I've shared. Everybody is already interested and have questions. The learning process continues.
  4. I also routinely share few videos to the participants one week after the lecture.

This way I manage to prolongue the time when the participants process the subject - from one lecturing day up to two weeks or even longer.

According to the feedback this is a productive way to raise my teaching as well as learning results to a higher level.

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Peter Rusanen

Written by Peter Rusanen

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