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How dental videos help patients better understand oral hygiene instructions

Mar 1, 2017 9:10:00 AM / by Peter Rusanen

In many cases the lack of a proper oral hygiene has led to the need for a prosthetic treatment. The lack of motivation is often a result of the fact that the patient didn't understand the causal connection between the bad oral hygiene and present oral situation. That is the reason why for me, making a new crown, bridge or implant is not enough: the patient has to be involved in the treatment by learning, improving and sustaining their post-procedural hygiene.
Patient education flossing-201104-edited.jpeg It is crucial for oral health that the patient understands the correct techniques for brushing and flossing required by their new prosthetic. It sounds simple, but the challenge is to explain the importance of good oral hygiene and motivate the patient while incorporating this patient education method into my daily work in an easy and efficient way. My goal is to change my patients' decades-old habits in a very short time and for the duration of his or her life.
For the last four years, I have routinely recorded a short, one minute video using my dental video camera after every prosthetic procedure. In the video I show the patient how to keep the new structure clean. It is important that the instruction is made with the right equipment according to the new oral situation. After showing the video to the patient I share it using the MyDentalBook service.  The patient receives their instruction on their mobile device or laptop and can go through it at home without any distractions.
After viewing the video the patient has the opportunity to give feedback by answering three questions: How easy was it to understand the material? How helpful was the material? How likely are you going to recommend your dentist to others?  This has generated a lot of positive feedback for me which in turn keeps me motivated to continue with patient education. After every positive feedback I get I can be sure that my treatment is successful and that my patient understood my message. The patient can view the video many times or even show it to their kids or husband or wife, as it many times happens. 
There is nothing else like this in the world that provides patients with personalised oral hygiene instruction videos from their doctor and I believe this is both a practical and important tool for all dental professionals who, like myself, value their patients' oral health and continued learning.


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Peter Rusanen

Written by Peter Rusanen

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