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How to choose your loupe-pairing with Futudent

Dec 11, 2014 12:53:22 PM / by Minna Lehtovaara

Futudent camera attached to loupes

At Futudent, we get weekly, if not daily the question "do you sell loupes with the camera as well?". Considering that loupe-use in, for instance, Europe is with approximately a mere 50% of the dentists (compared to about 90% in the US), it is not a weird question at all. Our answer usually is that "yes, we do" (as we have nice generic flip-ups in our selection). However, depending on the specific situation, we often also suggest to be in contact with a local, trusted loupes dealer to try different options and models.

The reason for this advice became obvious to me again while I was supporting our friends at C'Dentaire in Paris at the ADF exhibition, where their very knowledgeable personnel provided their clients with a careful process to determine the best model of Orascoptic loupes in their selection. With a bewildering range of models, your choice of loupes is not just one of vanity in terms of model and color, but also one of strength, flip-up or TTL (Trough-The-Lens), adjustment to you own eye focus, application (laser requiring specific protective lenses for instance) and of course your preferred working distance. The latter is very important, as loupes can benefit your ergonomics significantly - always a bonus in a profession that is known for its back- and shoulder pains.


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It was fascinating to follow the entire process of careful discussion, trial and measurement by the C'Dentaire team, to ensure that a dentist's next pair of loupes will be perfect. And while some will go for a new model, opt for stronger magnification or add, for instance, a light or (especially!) Futudent to their new choice, others know exactly what they want: exactly the same model, just without the wear and tear of their current pair of loupes.

So when you are in the market for a pair of loupes, either as a newcomer, or as a current user, do contact a local representative of your loupe-manufacturer of choice for a consultation. Futudent will be pleased to help you get in contact with someone through our wide network. And, as always, never forget that for each loupe-set, Futudent will have the right connection to mount our camera to your loups!

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Minna Lehtovaara

Written by Minna Lehtovaara

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