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Better customer feedback with personalized oral hygiene instructions [interview]

Sep 27, 2013 1:59:06 AM / by Innocent Okeke

Tiina Niemi-Korpi works as a dental hygienist in Espoo, Finland and has used the Futudent system in her work since this summer. The Futudent system has proved to be a very good tool in educating patients in their oral health care.

"The feedback has been very positive."

Tiina's customers have been impressed and exited about the instruction videos. Patients understand the oral hygiene instructions better with video image at hand. Images and videos give the customer a realistic picture of his oral health and they build trust between the dental hygienist and the customer. The patient doesn't have to rely only on word as he can see what it actually looks like in his or her mouth. The before and after pictures Tiina uses are great eye-openers for patients who now understand the need for dental care better.


Today, the customers are very aware and the competition hard. Service is a key competitive advantage as customers have a bigger role than before. Clinics need to offer more value to their customers with new services that enhance the quality of the care. The customers will see how the clinic invests in their care with new, advanced technologies and services.

The Futudent system makes the customer feel unique and special. The benefits of the Futudent system come with the instruction videos the customer gets home. This way the positive experience continues even after the dental appointment is over. The new Instant share feature enables customers to receive instruction videos easily to their email. One customer was so impressed and delighted that send her husband to see Tiina as well!

"I was surprised how easy it is to use."

Futudent solution is the first image capturing system that Tiina has experienced easy to use. "It's always with you, ready to go and you don't have to leave to get it in the middle of the patient care." It fits in a tight schedule without extra effort.

So far the excited customer feedback on videos and the increased work motivation have been the most important effects the Futudent system has brought to Tiina's work. Using videos gives a dental hygienist a change of self development and is by far the best tool for giving oral hygiene instructions to patients.


Ison Omenan Hammaslääkärit is a Finnish dental clinic situated in Espoo.
For more information, contact
Ison Omenan Hammaslääkärit
E-mail: isonomenanhammas@isonomenanhammaslaakarit.fi
Web: www.isonomenanhammaslaakarit.fi





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Innocent Okeke

Written by Innocent Okeke

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