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Futudent Camera Blog

Lighting 101: What is "good quality light"?

Dental Photography 101: Part 3 - The Patient Experience

Superior dental cameras for improved communication, documentation and education

Better care and business with non-interruptive dental cameras

Dental Photography 101: Part 2 - The Basic Views

Dental Photography 101: Part 1 - Equipment

Dental Photography 101: Series

8 reasons to digitalize your dental education

Utilizing videos to enhance communication with dental technicians

Innovative Dental Camera Technology from Finland - how it all started?

Remote education with Futudent solution

Futudent Recording Software 4K integration for Windows

Novocam offers head mounted medical 4K and FullHD cameras for digital recording and documentation in OR

Video dentistry is the new norm

New Chief Digital Officer joins Futudent Team

Futudent innovates a novel way to capture high quality dental imaging with no interruptions

New operating concepts for nursing and customer care

Futudent Launches First Dental 4K Camera and A New Miniature POV Camera with Sony IMX Sensor

Introducing New 25mm UHD Lens & Ball Joint Attachment for Your Dental Video Camera

Futudent EduCam goes mobile

Dental Procedure: Impression for Night Guard / Occlusal Appliance

Futudent Mid of Year Promo 2017: Because Seeing is Believing


How dental videos help patients better understand oral hygiene instructions

Improved documentation with dental video

3 ways to use dental video in your practice

Benefits of using dental video with pediatric patients

ADEE - Futudent Video Dentistry Winner Announced

The only dental video camera you'll ever need - Futudent EduCam

Year-end Futudent EduCam Special brings light to your holidays

Bring light to your holidays with our year end special!

Osallistu ja voita Hammaslääkäripäivien osastolla 2g25

Futudent announces partnership with VisiQuick

Press release: EduCam dental video camera solves the challenges of dental imaging

Futudent dental video solutions at GNYDM 2016, booth #2400

Futudentin kuvausratkaisu Hammaslääkäripäivillä osastolla 2g25

Why creating dental treatment plans with video is so important

Prosthodontics video: Inserting two implant retained screwable crowns

"Evolution of video in dental applications" webinar with DT Study Club

Prosthodontics video: implant retained bridge

5 Ways Video Technology Can Improve Patient Communication

Choose your angle wisely to make your best dental video

Prosthodontics implant treatment planning with video

Japanese dental health professionals in Finland - Day 2

Japanese dental health professionals in Finland - Day 1

How to make home care guides that have a proven impact on your patient's oral hygiene?

Full HD dental video quality for everyone

Futudent launches the EduCam for dental video education

Novocam Medical Innovations Announces Game-Changing Video Technology for Dental Professionals Everywhere

Futudent launches the next generation dental camera for today's dental professionals

New dental camera sneak peak video - part 2

New dental camera sneak peak video

Futudent at FDI 2016 in Poznan

Video Dentistry 5: Connect Your Treatment Team with Video Dentistry

Video Dentistry 4: Involve Your Patients with Video Dentistry

Video Dentistry 3: Smoother Teamwork in Hygiene

Futudent features in Oral Health's July issue

10 reasons to use dental video

Video Dentistry 2: More comfort for Pediatric Patients

MyDentalbook: Personal video treatment plan for a patient

Video Dentistry 1: Personalizing Patient Education

Futudent dental camera set-up tutorials - Parts 1-6

MyDentalbook: Bridge Floss homecare instructions for a patient

Support your students with video

MyDentalbook: Electric brush instructions

Improve Your Dental Workflows

“But I just don’t feel like it”: How videos help to encourage treatment plan acceptance

Futudent supports your distant learning

Futudent recording software for Mac

Meet Futudent at ADEE 2016 in Barcelona

Futudent set-up tutorials - Part 6: Creating a case

Futudent software now also available for Mac

Futudent set-up tutorials - Part 5: Your cloud account: sharing and storing online

Four ways to grow your dental business with MyDentalbook

MyDentalbook teaser

ADEE 2016 in Barcelona with video dentistry

Learn how to modernize dental services with MyDentalbook

Futudent set-up tutorials - Part 4: Making a video

Live webinar with DT Study Club

Introducing MyDentalbook

Futudent set-up tutorials - Part 3: Calibrating the camera

Dental hygienist strives for better home care

Dr. Hauk Oyri educates with Futudent videos

New webinar "Evolution of video in dental applications"

Futudent set-up tutorials - Part 2: Attaching the camera

Futudent set-up tutorials - Part 1: Installing your software and cables

Futudent nominated as one of the Top 100 must-read dental blogs for every dentist

Dr. Wayne Hollar is a keen Futudent user

Peter promotes better dialogue with dental patients

The #1 strategy for increasing your dental practice revenues

Read the interview with Dr. Malcolm Levinkind

International Women’s Day - recognising the important role of women in dentistry

Share personalized video instructions with your patients

Tiina works for better oral hygiene

Dental Hygienist educates patients with video

Top 5 reasons for improving the dental workflows

The receivers of the ADEE Futudent Scholarships have been chosen

Winners of the EDSA video dentistry contest

Give Your Patients the Gift of Understanding

GNYDM: Demonstrating Truly Personal Patient Education

GNYDM camera sponsorhip in action!

GNYDM highlights video dentistry in practice

World leading personal patient education

Enhance dental lectures with real videos

Video in dental education: show us the future [Contest]

New services changing dental practices

Effective and easy personal oral hygiene education

Novocam Medical Innovations and Enova Illumination Start Joint Venture

How to convince patients for dental procedures

Inspire pediatric dental patients with video

Making dental videos – easy or difficult? A simple comparison.

Novocam Medical Innovation at Medica 2015 in Dusseldorf

European Dental Students’ Association and Futudent commence cooperation

Futudent modernisoi hammashoidon liiketoiminnan ja koulutuksen käytäntöjä

Futudent modernizes the dental business and education practices

How to encourage treatment plan acceptance

New release coming soon!

Participating Rules of the $10 000 Dental Video Award

The Mouth-ie - the world’s first professional dental selfie stick!

$10 000 Dental Video Award

Meet our North American support team SurfCT!

Video of the week: Occlusal appliance

Video of the week: Veneers on the frontal four incisors

Video of the week: an excision of a fibroepithelial polyp

How to use dental videos in general practice

Video of the week by dr. Jan Klenke

Video of the week by dr. Peter Rusanen

Introducing Futudent Ambassador Dr Malcolm Levinkind

Futudent goes Brazil!

Free Master Class sessions at AEEDC and IDS

New recording software version

Video dentistry for everyone

Futudent is expanding its team with a web developer

Video of the week by dr. Simon Rosenberg

How to use Futudent in general practice

Short guide to use the Library

How to choose your loupe-pairing with Futudent

Savonia University of Applied Sciences now using videos for teaching

The best price to value ratio in the market [Interview: Dr. Kis]

Futudent partner HealthCare Dental Limited

Winning poster in Hammaslääkäripäivät 2014

Welcome to Futudent dental video portal!

Futudent in Academic Use

Futudent partner DeMaKom Ltd

Several loupes, one camera

Futudent now used in Singapore by NUHS

Futudent on the road

University of Helsinki dental education research

Better customer feedback with personalized oral hygiene instructions [interview]

Instant share option added to our 2.0 release

Personalized implant care videos

Personalized oral hygiene instruction - Building customer loyalty

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