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5 Ways Video Technology Can Improve Patient Communication

Oct 4, 2016 8:00:00 AM / by Innocent Okeke

Video technology can be used to improve communication with patients in simple ways. Video helps patients and dental professionals communicate with each other more effectively from the moment the first appointment is scheduled to after the visit at the clinic.



5 ways in which technology can help you improve patient communication:

1. Introduce yourself online with a welcome video
Make the initial contact with your patients online. Record your very own introduction video and send it out via email to your new patients. Automated emails give a professional and friendly impression of the practice and dental professional the patient is soon visiting. This is also a chance to remind the patient to take the necessary paperwork, images etc. along when they arrive. A welcome video will help to differentiate your services.

2. Show personal dental video and images
Patients today expect two-way communication. Personal video improves the communication related to the patient’s oral health. You can create personal treatment plans and home care advice with modern video technology while you work. Video helps the patient understand their dental health and truly visualize possible issues.  Sharing your advice and recommendations in the form of videos, images and text with each patient makes the patient feel more confident and at ease. Video material supports decision making and helps the patient commit to treatment plans suggested by their doctor.

3. Differentiate with after-care communication
Video makes after-care communication easier. You can encourage your patients to review and practice your advice at home by reviewing your personalized instructions on their computer or mobile device. Personalized home care videos with doctor's notes and additional information help them keep track of past and future treatments, oral health issues and the right dental hygiene products you recommend for them. In time these videos create a digital patient-specific archive of all treatments that can be followed up by the patient and doctor.


4. Save time
Video technology can help save your and your patient's valuable time. It is now possible to communicate changes within the preliminary treatment plan by sending short videos. Going through the changes with wax ups or casts using video can save unnecessary trips to the practice for your patient.

5. Receive Valuable Feedback
New technology allows you to send out personalized feedback requests after the patient has visited your office. Automated surveys asking if the patient was satisfied with the treatment, and if they understand the  oral health video advice they received are a constructive way for the patients to give feedback. It shows that you care about them and want to know if they understood their personal oral health advice. 

Video technology changes the way we communicate. How will you take it onboard?


Topics: Why use videos, patient education

Innocent Okeke

Written by Innocent Okeke

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