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Simplify and improve dental imaging with every patient


Save time and effort

with Futudent non-interruptive dental cameras

Interruptive camera

These cameras can cost you up to 3 -5 minutes with every patient.

Time consuming

  • Stop the procedure
  • De-glove
  • Locate camera and set up
  • Operate inside the mouse
  • Fogging
  • Sterilizing / protecting
  • File transfer
Interruptive camera
Futudent camera is the choice

Futudent Non-Interruptive camera

Free your hands and save time with Futudent's dental imaging solution.

  • Faster and easier to use
  • Instantly available
  • Take photos PLUS video
  • No stopping procedure
  • Light or loupe-mounted
  • Record/save/share video
  • Data stored
Futudent Cameras

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Futudent's world-leading dental camera family

One camera for every need



The original all-purpose dental video camera. Full HD quality at an affordable price for everyone

Key Features

  • Affordable multi-purpose camera
  • Mounts to any loupe or light
  • Up to 2.5 x digital zoom
  • 1080p / 720p resolutions
  • Up to 3.4 mpx photos



The world’s first miniature 4K dental video camera. Superior quality for professionals.                 

Key Features

  • 4K dental miniature camera
  • Mounts to any loupe or light
  • Up to 4 x digital zoom
  • 4k / 1080p / 720p resolutions
  • Up to 13 mpx photos



Super light-weight full HD dental camera. Designed for loupe-mounting and maximum comfort.

Key Features

  • Smallest and lightest full HD camera
  • Weighs just 12 grams
  • Professional Sony IMX sensor
  • 1080p / 720p resolutions
  • Up to 2 mpx photos
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Details proCam eduCam microCam
Resolution / Video  4K UDH, 30 fps  1080p, 30fps  1080p, 30fps
Resolution / Still picture  8 / 13 mpix 2 / 3.4 mpix   2 mpix
Size (with lens)  34 x 28 x 23 cm 32 x 28 x 23 mm  24 x 20 x 23 mm 
Weight (body only)  23 grams 23 grams  12 grams 
Built-in zoom  3x 2.5x  n/a 
Strength  UHD video, high resolution, documentation Good overall perfonamce, affordability  Miniature loupe mount POV, Sony IMX sensor 
Connection  USB2 USB2  USB2 
Lens Options 16mm, 25mm UHD 16mm, 25mm UHD  16mm, 25mm UHD
 Software compatibility  Windows OS, macOS, Android OS  Windows OS, macOS, Android OS  Windows OS, macOS, Android OS

High quality still photos and video

Futudent non-interruptive cameras offer the most efficient way to document your work

Multi-mount cameras

for any loupe and light
procam on lamp

Light mount benefits

  • Always available
  • Instant activation with a pedal
  • Perfectly stable
  • Can be installed in every operatory

Loupe mount benefits

  • Matches the exact view of the doctor's own loupe
  • Completely unobstructed footage
  • Hands free operation
  • Always in focus with the loupe
Futudent Cloud

Cloud Platform

The Futudent cloud platform allows dentists to easily store and share their video content online securely.


Cloud sharing services are included with every Futudent product and are designed to let you send personalized video instruction home to your patients where they need it most. 

The platform also enables easy peer-to-peer case sharing making it simpler than ever before to collaborate with fellow dental professionals.

Futudent in schools The ultimate tool for teaching and learning
I learn more probably when I stop and edit my videotapes, because all of a sudden I say, hmmm over there, there's a shadow I should have explored. The other thing that's valuable is to be able to send the link, and get the surgeon, or the endodontist, or my periodontist colleague to see what I'm seeing.

Simon Rosenberg Dental practitioner

Simon Rosenberg
I use the camera routinely every day with every patient. The communication is just unbelievably improved because there is no question of what I see. The patient sees exactly the same from TV as my loupe-mounted camera is on, and that opens the dialogue. I love to utilise technology, especially when it makes life easier and the patients more aware of their problems.

Dr. Wayne Hollar Dental practitioner

Futudent makes video documentation of surgical procedures easy. It's a great educational tool, both for patient education and for lecturing in the dental community.

Dr. Hauk Øyri Oral surgeon, Oslo, Norway

Hauk Oyri
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