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Excellent Videos and Still Images for Daily Dentistry

The high quality of the Futudent dental videos and still images enables you to demonstrate problems, treatment suggestions, possible complications and such to your patient. You don’t need to interrupt your procedure to rig intraoral or other cameras, nor do you have to transfer any files.

Additionally, the images and videos help to improve your and your team’s professional skills as you can review and look back at the footage at any time.



  • All videos are encoded on the fly to the MPEG-4 video format at 1080×720 resolution and 30 frames per second (hardware-dependent).
  • There is no absolute maximum limit for video duration. However, recording single clips over 2 hours long is not recommended.
  • An external microphone can be used to record audio: narrations, instructions, etc.

Buying a loupe-mounted camera is easy!

How to Buy a Loupe-Mounted  Camera