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MyDentalbook connects you and your patients 24/7

  • Create personal treatment plans and home care advice with modern video technology while you work
  • Share your advice and recommendations in the form of videos, images and text with each patient
  • Offer every patient a free, personal MyDentalbook account
  • Encourage your patients to review and practice your advice at home on any computer or mobile device
  • Create a digital patient-specific archive of all treatments and care to keep track of past developments
  • Enjoy the increasing satisfaction and loyalty of your patients


Personalize your service with MyDentalbook

Electronic brush instructions

Bridge floss homecare instruction

Personal video treatment plan 

MyDentalbook subscription includes

  • Secure cloud service
  • Futudent recording software
  • Futudent HD dental camera
  • Personal training and support
  • Optional accessories including FutuLight LED headlight, various mounts & attachments
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The first subscription period is for 3 months, continuing on monthly basis.

Still not convinced?



Experience MyDentalbook for yourself

You will receive a MyDentalbook invitation like a patient does. Open the invitation to create your free account, and learn more about MyDentalbook.