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    Personal video instruction - the evolution of dental service.

    Better treatment planning.


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    World leading loupe-mounted camera technology

    Your view. Your work. Shared easily.


Stop Explaining. Showing is Better than Telling. Video Dentistry is the Most Efficient Solution for Modern Patient Education.

Demonstrate exactly your point of view - what you see when working - is always the best way to present complicated dental topics.

Simplify the Process of Saving and Sharing Your Dental Treatment Details. You can store, share, edit and review ongoing & past procedures any time, anywhere.

For dental hygienists there are various benefits for using videos in their every day work.

Improve your patients' confidence by providing extensive visual documentation of the whole treatment.

Motivate students by showing the reality of dental operations; students get a realistic view of clinical work.

The Futudent solution is also actively used by healthcare professionals outside the dental field, such as for institutional, training and documentation use.

Improve the daily communication with your clients, using the power of video and still images.


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