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    Full HD multi-mount dental camera

    Superior quality at an affordable price!

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    Personal video instruction - the evolution of dental service.

    Personalized instructions, secure communication, dental archive

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    World Leading Dental Video Solutions.

    Elevate comfort, dialogue and satisfaction with every patient, every day.

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Other solutions

Motivate and help your patients take better care of their oral health with personalized home care videos. 

Improve your patients' confidence by providing extensive video and image documentation of the whole treatment.

Motivate students by showing the reality of dental operations and give students a realistic view of clinical work.

The Futudent solution is also actively used by healthcare professionals outside the dental field, such as for institutional, training and documentation use.

Improve the daily communication with your clients, using the power of dental video and still images.


MyDentalbook is a unique concept designed for modern dentists. It enables you to share personal treatment plans including videos and images.