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How do you benefit from Futudent system


For clinics

Improve your patients' confidence by providing extensive visual documentation of the whole treatment. Help your patients make decisions with better documentation.
Share knowledge between colleagues or get second opinions. Pictures and videos keep the discussion focused.
Communicate with your technician by sharing videos and pictures to ensure better results and save time.
Motivate the patient during treatment or afterwards. Complete documentation with videos and pictures without interrupting the operation.
Efficiency. Pictures and videos support remote consultation.

Video projected on the classroom

For teaching

Motivate students. Show the reality of dental operations; students get a realistic view of clinical work. These videos can be used to support theories and used as study material.
Save time. Live demonstrations can be captured simultaneously and shared with students for later use.
Freedom. Video and picture sharing enables remote teaching methods to be used.

Student using the Futudent camera

For studying

Create a portfolio of your videos that can be shared with your professor or mentor. Show your skills to your future employer.
Communicate with your professor with real clinical videos created by you, and get exact feedback from tutors for more efficient learning.
Learn from your own videos. During the operation self-evaluation is difficult. With videos it is possible to go through the operation afresh.
Discuss about your videos with other students and learn from each other.

Take photos without interrupting the operation

Futudent camera allows easy photo capturing during operation just by pressing the footpedal. Pictures can be used for consultation, documentation and learning. Hands free image capturing enables you to concentrate 100% on your work, let the camera capture what you see.

Still images Still images Still images Still images
Still images Still images Still images Still images

(Pictures are without any image correction).

Futudent camera video quality

To see the video in its full quality: select full screen and enable HD by clicking "HD" in the player.

Comparison table

The Futudent HD camera tool is all about simple and efficient communication - daily.



The Futudent HD camera captures your exact sight in pristine HD quality without any effort. This incredibly small camera is attached to your loupes or glasses.


Software (included)

Be a dentist, not a video editor. The Futudent capture software enables an efficient and easy way of capturing and processing your videos, without any need for time consuming editing or encoding.


Server (optional)

Access your videos anywhere, with any device fast and secure. The Futudent server solution is a safe hub for storage and sharing your videos. The servers meet high security standards for patient information security.

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